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We believe air is the starting point for designing a clean and healthy industry

Because of NEU’s full service proposition and commitment to a cleaner, safer and healthier environment NEU can offer clean air technology solutions for your industrial processes that have big impact on the health of people, business and nature.

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For several decades, Neu Group has been developing air technics and technologies, in which the Company is a worldwilde acknowledged authority.
As a leader is attended to do, Neu Group disseminate knowledge and promote innovation through a well-known Training and Test Center based in Lille (north of France).

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We support your production processes with advice, solutions, products and (maintenance) service. We partner and take full responsibility for your clean air, less waste, production lines and safety, environmental and quality standards and certification.

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branches in Europe and Asia, with 12 offices in France and 340 employees


customers worldwide 


€ Millions of turnover in 2017

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