Municipal workshops, Assistance center through work

Installations suited to large and small productions and specific operating modes

The wood industry is a demanding sector with strict regulations. Taking into account all these constraints, NEU-JKF Wood Industry brings its know-how and experience from the design stage, and propose the right airflow solution to protect employees.

Considering the constraints 


In municipal workshops, the same rules apply as in conventional industry: the installation will have to comply with the NF-EN-12779 version 2016 (design of wood dust and shavings extraction installations), with the ATEX Directives, with the INRS Guides ED 750 (ventilation second transformation of wood), ED 6021 (fire and explosion in the wood industry), and with the Labour Code R4412-149 (VLE = Valeur Limite d'Exposition ˂ 1mg/m3), R4222-14 and R4222-17 (air recycling).

Beyond the technical aspect, NJKF WI has the experience and the resources to administratively instruct these files which can be public tenders.

Case by case

Each workshop is different and the operating procedures are often specific.

NEU-JKF Wood Industry's strength is to adapt different techniques to machines and workstations to protect operators. NEU-JKF Wood Industry offers solutions for dust removal on machines, high vacuum suction on portable tools, workstation cleaning and air compensation.

Appropriate solutions

For these companies, the complexity lies in having to deal with a number of machines with widely varying simultaneous operation.

NEU-JKF Wood Industry's strength lies in its ability to offer safe dust collection solutions with compensated variable airflow. After establishing the maximum simultaneous operation of the machines, which gives the nominal airflow of the installation, the system will ensure that only the machines in operation are vacuumed, with the rest of the airflow being taken from outside the building.

The main advantages are
- Flexibility of use
- Automatic operation
- Electrical savings
- Heating savings
- Reduction of the noise level

High performance solutions for your workshops

Are you looking for concrete answers to all the questions concerning the design, delivery, operation and control of ventilation, extraction and dust removal systems in your woodworking workshops? Yes indeed, it is not easy to design the installation that will protect operators, machines and tools in complete safety. By calling on NEU-JKF Wood Industry, you will have all the answers.

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