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Assess and prevent risks

For a long time in the sawmill and carpenter sector, dust levels were considered to be low and the risks associated with wood dust insignificant. However, in these sectors there is evidence that the regulatory occupational exposure limit value for wood dust has been exceeded. There are cases of cancer. What can be done?

The issues

This type of industry emits a large quantity of dust, sawdust and shavings. Sawmills and carpenters are therefore obliged to have robust and reliable extraction installations.

These installations must :

- Protect the respiratory tract of the operators
- Keep the working environment clean
- Ensure continuous operation of the machines to limit loss of productivity

Workshop organisation and equipment

The wide range of NEU-JKF Wood Industry equipment provides a solution for each case, the best technology will be chosen to deal with a problem depending on the particles recovered (nature, granulometry, quantity, relative humidity, explosiveness).
Once the dust, sawdust and shavings have been collected and conveyed at a controlled air speed to avoid build-up, abrasion and noise, they will have to be filtered by a dry process with pre-separation or by the cyclone effect.
But NEU-JKF Wood Industry's support does not stop there. It is also necessary to think about the management of waste by storing it (silos, containers, sawdust bins, big-bags) so that it can be recovered by a boiler, the process or a recovery channel.

Our know-how: a high level expertise

During the entire project NEU-JKF Wood Industry support you and provide you with its expertise in the following phases:


Needs analysis
2 Turnkey installation
3 Commissioning
4 Correct operation checks

Installation follow-up


From design to performance validation

NEU-JKF Wood Industry is at your disposal to define the ideal solution that will meet the challenges and requirements of your workshops.

A complete offer

NEU-JKF Wood Industry also supports you throughout the life of your installation by providing services to ensure the protection of operators, equipment

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