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Customised solutions for all workshops

Whether you are carpenters, fitters or manufacturers of furniture, doors or windows, your constraints in your workshops are identical: work in the best possible conditions and in complete safety.

Data consideration

To avoid the risks related to wood dust generated by woodworking machines (wood dust allergy, cancers, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, eczema, etc.), the general ventilation of premises is often not sufficient. It must be combined with dust collection as close as possible to the source of emission, in order to ensure clean and healthy air for the operators. To do this, we visit the site to study the machinery, the process, the operating procedures and the environment. Our experience will then enable us to carry out a personalised study with a proposal for a solution that will comply with the standards or recommendations in force and present the lowest possible operating costs.

Solutions designed for you

Industry 4.0 is on its way. Machines and processes are becoming more efficient. Without extraction it will soon be difficult to produce!

That is why NEU-JKF Wood Industry is committed to finding the best solution to capture and store the majority of the chips, sawdust and dust released, to protect operators and to limit productivity losses.

A high level of expertise

Throughout the project, NEU-JKF Wood Industry will provide you with support and expertise in the following stages:

1 Analysis of your needs
2 Implementation of a turnkey installation
3 Commissioning
4 Checking that the system is working properly
5 Installation follow-up

We determine the ideal installation that will be in full compliance with the regulations.

Tailor-made solutions

NEU-JKF Wood Industry knows your requirements and the constraints of your workshops well. NEU-JKF Wood Industry also knows the solutions that will meet them perfectly.

A dedicated Customer Service

NEU-JKF Wood Industry supports you all along the life of your installations.

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