High vacuum suction on portable tools

Efficiency of a good system

How does it work?

A high vacuum system on portable tools (sanders, drills, etc.) captures pollutants at the source as soon as they are released. The machines are equipped with adapted collection points through which dust discharged during the various operations is sucked up, without disturbing the operator in his work. The suction power is calculated according to your equipment and workstations, and the required simultaneity, using specific calculation software. The various measurements obtained determine the vacuum power required for optimum dust extraction.

Operating principle

Dust collection on portable machines requires a centralised high vacuum extraction system with different characteristics to that for dust collection on stationary machines; when connecting portable tools to an extraction system, the flow rate is generally lower and the pressure drop much higher. A vacuum pump or other blower and a circular dust collector are used.

The type of machines to be connected, their location in the workshop and the number of machines operating simultaneously are all factors to be taken into account when designing the system. The control of the suction system can be automatic with a machine start-up control.

On one side, the portable machine is equipped with collection devices that are connected by hoses to the centralized extraction system. On the other side, the system is connected to a dust collector. The extracted polluted air is compensated with fresh air.

Optimised collection in 5 points

The identification of all sources of pollution and the implementation of extraction solutions on portable tools make it possible to :

  1. Facilitate the various operations by having a clean work area
  2. Improve working conditions and productivity
  3. Ensure a safe and healthy working environment
  4. Reduce the risk of explosion (ATEX)
  5. Recover and recycle dust from the process



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High vacuum suction on portable tools enables the cleaning and securing of the working environment. NEU-JKF Wood Industry offers tailor-made solutions for all sectors of activity.

Thanks to its experience, NEU-JKF Wood Industry designs the most appropriate configuration to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the operator, as well as the protection of work tools.

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Our services

The installation of a high vacuum system requires a thorough understanding of your environment and the contaminants that need to be treated. NEU-JKF Wood Industry will help you define your needs, design and install the chosen solution. You can also benefit from the expertise of our Customer Service Department through upgrades, maintenance and the supply of spare parts for your equipment. Find out more about the services we offer.

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Download various documents to find out more about our high vacuum solutions for portable tools. If you have a question or need more information, please contact us.


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