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Dust collection is the process of controlling dust emissions and separating them from the transport air.

For effective dust collection at source, it is necessary to calculate the air flow rate in advance according to the dimensions of the dust collection hoods.

Dust separation from the air consists of selecting the appropriate type of filter (dry, wet, fine, fibrous, sticky dust) and using the most appropriate equipment among a wide range of industrial dust collectors.

Meeting your expectations


It is the nature of the problem that can only be solved by close collaboration between all the parties involved in the project: the production and maintenance teams, and our engineers and specialists.

This exchange enables us to determine which form of hood, which duct arrangement or which type of industrial filter is compatible with your needs.

The integration of an efficient dust collection system in any situation starts with its design with a highly qualified team.

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Municipal workshops, sawmills, woodworking shops, training schools, manufacturers of doors, windows, boats, mobile homes... for your dust removal installations, NEU-JKF Wood Industry offers: the design of your dust removal systems and their maintenance. We support you at every stage of your project, and implement the solution suited to the wood industry and your needs.

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Download the documentation here to find out more about our dust collection solutions. If you have a question or need more information, please contact us.

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Case study

Dust removal of a sailboat workshop

Following a relocation, the existing installation was no longer up to standard and no longer provided the necessary performance to protect operators and production tools. Once the solution had been selected, NEU-JKF Wood Industry installed a flow-compensated and regulated extraction system. This system ensures an optimum suction rate depending on the number of machines in use at the same time. The centralized suction system is connected directly to the machines on the suction outlets of the machine bonnets to protect the operators. On the other side the system is connected to the dust collector.

In this case study you can see how NEU-JKF Wood Industry has implemented the solution in this workshop.

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