Air cooling

Air cooling is essential in the wood industry

In your woodworking workshops, it is essential to control the ambient conditions. NEU-JKF Wood Industry air coolers provide a comfortable temperature while maintaining a pleasant hygrometry within the premises, necessary for the manufacture and storage of your raw materials or your finished products (doors, windows for example). Air cooling improves working conditions and productivity but also protects equipment from the risks associated with static electricity.

Air cooler: our solutions

At first impression, evaporative cooling may appear to be a simple technology. In this regard, a quick look at the problems encountered suggests that the appropriate solutions are easy to implement.

Specialists have the responsibility to advise against this common mistake. Each heat problem requires a tailor-made solution with specific requirements.

NEU-JKF Wood Industry know-how


NEU-JKF Wood Industry has extensive expertise in cooling air systems and installations to meet your specific needs:
- Proven, robust and reliable equipment
- Easy maintenance
- Energy-saving technologies
- Efficient, reliable after-sales service

Installing an air cooler is a natural and economical solution. NEU-JKF Wood Industry offers equipment that is perfectly suited to your workshop area and to the use you intend to make of it.

  • Air cooling in a workshop
  • Econoclim with battery
  • Cooling of a workshop with Econoclim C

How does air cooling work?

The evaporative cooler uses water as a media to cool the air. This phenomenon is called adiabatic cooling.
An evaporative air cooler consists of an evaporator panel (porous membrane), a water distribution system and a fan. The hot air passes through the evaporator panel which is constantly humid.
As the hot air flows across it, the water evaporates and releases fresh air. A fan distributes this fresh air inside your building.

Our services

Maintaining your air conditioning systems will ensure that they are in good working condition. It is essential to regularly check your equipment and its components.
NEU-JKF Wood Industry offers different services to help you set up and maintain this type of solution. Engineering, expertise, upgrading, maintenance, spare parts...

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Documents and ressources

Download documents to learn more about our air cooling systems. If you have a question or need more information, please contact us.

Download the data sheet showing the operating principle of our air cooling system and its main advantages


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Case study

A system that protects the operators while providing working comfort

During the cooking process, the coopers regularly heat the wood, which generates smoke and steam. The installed system extracts the fumes and vapours efficiently. In addition, the extracted air is compensated by fresh air. 40,000m3/h of air is reintroduced, partly through the channels and partly through textile ducts. This operation, the dynamic compensation via channels, guarantees working comfort for the operators. The innovative feature of the solution is that the air compensation systems are equipped with an air cooling system that can be activated in the event of very high temperatures. The system thus protects the operators while guaranteeing their working comfort.

Read more about the solution in this case study..

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