Industrial ventilation

Air quality: a priority in the wood industry

In the wood industry, the installation of a ventilation system must respond to different needs: smoke and fumes, extraction of stale air, operator comfort, compliance with current regulations, etc. These requirements will determine the solution to be implemented. This is why NEU JKF Wood Industry has a wide range of solutions that can fulfil your different needs and comply with regulations.

What is an industrial ventilation system?

Needs analysis

First of all, it is essential to know your needs in order to determine the best solution to be implemented, as configurations are so different. To what end should your industrial ventilation satisfy?
• To protect operators against pollutants in the air
• Protect products that require a particular air quality
• To improve the comfort and hygiene of working areas
• Protect production tools
• Being integrated into a production process

A combination of all?


How it works

An industrial ventilation system consists of two basic elements: a natural air supply system and an exhaust system. In most cases, an industrial ventilation system consists of:

- An air inlet

- Filters (if required)

- Fan

- Ducting

- Air recirculation system (if possible and/or necessary)

Protect, improve, purify

Protecting operators
The ventilation solution will be more effective if it is specifically adapted to your working environment, your workshop, your manufacturing requirements and your maintenance needs. Local ventilation systems are designed to optimise extraction at source. In this way, NEU-JKF Wood Industry's know-how and long experience guarantee the protection of operators: fewer accidents, fewer occupational illnesses (see regulations in force) and also less absenteeism.

Improving product quality

The supply of clean air in a woodworking shop protects your products from pollutants by means of overpressure.

It improves the quality of:

# the finished products,
# their cutting
# their finishing. 

Purifying the working environment

In workshops, the extraction of polluted air and the introduction of new air, sometimes filtered, is essential, particularly in the case of oil, fumes, heat, dust and vapours. NEU-JKF Wood Industry designs industrial ventilation installations with regulated air flow:

- General ventilation
- Process ventilation
- Local ventilation
- Evaporative cooling system

  • Ventilation in cooperage
  • Extract'air on roof
  • Textile ducting ventilation
  • NYLAIR on wall

Our services

The installation of an industrial ventilation system in your workshop requires a good understanding of your working environment and the pollutants to be treated. NEU-JKF Wood Industry identifies your needs, designs and installs the necessary equipment. 
You can also benefit from our Customer Service expertise through maintenance operations, upgrades or the supply of spare parts.
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Documents and ressources

Download various documents to learn more about our solutions. If you have a question or need more information, please contact us

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Case study

Cooling ventilation to improve working conditions in a boiler room


NEU-JKF Wood Industry advised its customer on the most suitable ventilation solution for the boiler room. Indeed, the different operations performed by the coopers generate fumes and hot vapours: it is therefore essential to set up an efficient ventilation system to ensure their protection. The installation of a ventilation system is designed to extract the fumes by means of a hood.

By installing an Econoclim, an economical and efficient air cooler, the operators are also protected from the heat and can work in pleasant temperatures.

Discover in this case study the solution developed to improve the comfort of the operators.

Download the case study


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