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A company dedicated to the wood industry

NEU-JKF Wood Industry is the subsidiary of the NEU-JKF group specialised in the wood industry. Thanks to its expertise in the world of wood and its knowledge of the various processes, NEU-JKF Wood Industry offers you the best solutions in terms of extraction and dust removal, for structures ranging from 3 to 500 employees: workshops from small-scale to industrial size, primary and secondary processing industries in the wood sector.

Specialist in long-term solutions

Shavings, sawdust, fine dust, wood processing generates an impressive quantity of particles. Where there is dust, there are risks... and standards!

Located in Angers, NEU-JKF Wood Industry has been designing, manufacturing and selling solutions and equipment to improve air quality in the wood industry for several decades.

Whether it is to protect the working environment from harmful dust or to meet the challenge of air quality, NEU-JKF Wood Industry provides manufacturers with long-term solutions to prevent occupational risks, with the keywords: compliance with the regulations in force and the protection of people.

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The wood industry: a key player in tomorrow's low-carbon economy

Wood is an essential resource for the ecological transition of our economy. This recyclable material has many economic applications in the construction, energy production and paper manufacturing sectors. It is an ideal material for making it an exemplary sector of the economy. Whether it is a wood processing plant or a carpentry workshop, your dust extraction and removal system is your best partner. Well tailored to the specific needs of your environment, it protects your operators. NEU-JKF Wood Industry has a range of solutions to keep you working in the best possible conditions. Discover our solutions.

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