Aeraulic and mechanical expertise of your installations

Control and maintain the performance of your equipment

How to maintain the good performance of your installation in your workshops? NEU-JKF Wood Industry carries out airflow and mechanical expertises. Through our observations, measurements and analysis of the various characteristics of the existing configuration, we provide you with the solutions best suited to your working environment, the protection of your operators and the regulations.

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There are two types of expertise: aerodynamic and mechanical.

Mechanical expertise involves checking the condition of all the equipment, detecting any problems, understanding and anticipating the failure of mechanical parts.
Aeraulic expertise means ensuring the correct speeds, pressures and flows at the various suction and collection points, by comparing them to the reference values as defined in the installation's file.

Both types of expertise can be carried out in one and the same intervention or separately, according to your requests. With their know-how in the field of air and specialists in the wood industry, our technicians work on original NEU-JKF Wood Industry equipment or not. They propose a series of measures to suit your configuration as well as solutions to be implemented while taking into account your technical and economic constraints...

Why carry out an expertise?

  1. Protect your operators and your production tools; ensure the well-being of your employees and the quality of the inside air, so that they can operate in a healthy working environment.
  2. Adjust your installation to the evolution of your production, the number of operators, or the increase in the number of portable tools (sander, router...).
  3. Ensure that your dust extraction and ventilation system keeps its original characteristics and performance.
  4. Avoid any malfunction of your equipment. They can lead to over-consumption of spare parts, electricity or compressed air, generate a risk of clogging and no longer provide the expected service.
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These expertises can, of course, be carried out within the legal and compulsory inspections, in particular in the case of operators exposed to wood dust (articles R. 4412-59 to R. 4412-93 of the Labour Code). They allow you to check that your equipment complies with the standards (e.g. explosive dusts), with a concern for the protection and safety of your operators. During his intervention, the NEU-JKF Wood Industry technician analyses all the constraints linked to your activity and proposes one or more solutions to improve the working conditions in your workshop and prevent possible risks.

Expertise for each solution


Dust removal

Suction on portable tool

Air cooling

Expertise for all activities

We are active in all types of wood industry sectors, on installations with a fan, a dust collector (with bags, with pockets), filters, cyclones, an air extractor, a centralised high vacuum extraction system (ATEX or not). Our innovative solutions and systems are adapted to your type of activity: chips, sawdust, wood dust, steams, fumes. Download our brochure.

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