Biomass boiler

Acting for the planet

Biomass heating is the production of heat from the leading renewable energy source used in France: wood. Biomass boilers are used as central heating systems and produce hot water. But the installation of such environmentally friendly energy must be carried out in a professional manner. NEU-JKF Wood Industry helps you to deal with the environment of such an installation.

What is biomass?

By definition, biomass includes all living organic matter that can be transformed into heat, biofuels or electricity. Wood, plants, agricultural waste and cereals are all biofuels that can be used to produce energy. The processing of wood (sometimes called wood energy) produces heat. The heat produced is used for cooking, heating, hot water production and electricity generation.

What is the problem?

The conveying of biomass to the boiler generates strong dust emissions throughout the process:
- unloading of trucks,
- sorting,
- screening,
- grinding,
- conveying,
- storage, etc...

Without a dust extraction system, operators are exposed to dust, the production environment is polluted, equipment wears out, the risk of fire or explosion increases, and emissions into the environment are not controlled.

Solutions adapted to the problem

NEU-JKF Wood Industry deals with the problem of dust by continuous suction on the equipment according to the following principles:

1 Capture on the equipment to create a vacuum
2 Conveying through piping networks
3 Dry filtering of dusty air
4 Re-inject into the process or store in sealed containers

In addition, NEU-JKF Wood Industry implements centralised high vacuum extraction installations that allow the production environment to be cleaned.

From design to performance validation

NEU-JKF Wood Industry is at your disposal to define the most suitable solution that will meet the constraints and requirements for your biomass heating project.

A complete offer

NEU-JKF Wood Industry supports you throughout the life of your installations. Durability, reliability, environmental protection, but also profitability and environmentally friendly installation.

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