Maintenance of your equipment

Performance and optimisation through system maintenance

Whether it is preventive or curative, the maintenance of your equipment is essential to keep it at its optimum efficiency. You also ensure the durability of your workshops.

Entrusting the maintenance of your installation to NEU-JKF Wood Industry guarantees its good operation, reliability, lifespan but also safety and will avoid a dysfunction of your equipment, which can generate numerous problems:

. Production stoppage,
. Damage to your production tools
. Insecurity of your operators
. Loss of comfort

  • Maintaining the performance
  • Ensuring the long-term
  • Bringing into compliance

Our service technicians are qualified in the maintenance of:

Thanks to his expertise in air technology, our technician will be able to advise you on the most suitable action plan for your installation. Discover our maintenance contracts

Planning ahead with preventive maintenance

Our maintenance technicians can conduct preventive maintenance operations: inspection and revision of your equipment. Preventive maintenance through periodic checks guarantees the conformity of your dust removal, ventilation, suction and air cooling installations. For safety reasons and to ensure that your installations continue to operate correctly, it is essential to check them regularly.

By performing these compliance checks and periodic inspections, you will be able to identify possible malfunctions and correct them without stopping your production tools.

Preventive maintenance enables you to maintain your installations at their initial level and in good working condition. It is carried out according to predefined criteria depending on the type of equipment and helps to reduce the failure rate, downtime, breakdowns, risks of accidents and incidents, while guaranteeing a healthy and safe environment for your operators.

Recovery and repair through corrective maintenance

Do you notice a failure in your dust removal, ventilation, suction or air cooling systems? Our maintenance technicians come in quickly to repair this problem.

Curative maintenance allows you to improve the performance of your equipment and your manufacturing conditions, by restoring the original characteristics.

We provide fast repair of your failed or wear parts to ensure plant availability and minimise downtime. The spare parts supplied by our service technicians are guaranteed to be the original ones.

The preventive and curative maintenance operations that we carry out are listed in the maintenance file, which contains all the information required to maintain your equipment.

It contains the dates and results of the periodic inspections, the various maintenance and cleaning operations, as well as the adjustments and settings made on the installations.

Maintenance to suit all sectors

We are active in all types of wood industry sectors. Carpenters, vocational schools, cooperages, manufacturers of mobile homes, doors, windows, etc., NEU-JKF Wood Industry provides maintenance operations adapted to your sector.

The regulations in the wood industry are very specific. Our know-how and our regular research enable us to set up maintenance operations in line with these regulations.

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